Our Events
Friday May 22nd @ 7PM Healing Prayer Webcast
Are you in need of healing prayer? Pastor Harold Hendricks and a team of others will be available online to share Words of Knowledge and pray healing for you based on your requests. Your prayer requests will be kept anonymous.

To have your prayer request included in the webcast, email your requests to pastorharold@hcftelford.com on any date or time before or during the event. To watch the event you can access from our Live Stream, YouTube Channel or FaceBook.


Meetings are canceled at this time, however you can still receive support. Contact the church office or email griefshare@hcftelford.com.
GriefShare’s program “A Season of Grief” will also provide you with free email encouragements daily for a year when you sign up at griefshare.org.

Overcoming Anger is a one-day seminar designed to help identify and overcome the root causes of anger and other compulsive habits. 

Next Scheduled Seminar is on Saturday July 11th from 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM. Regular Registration is $49.00