Hopewell Christian Fellowship is part of the Hopewell Network of Churches, a fellowship of churches empowered by the Holy Spirit to advance Christ’s Kingdom by preparing leaders for ministry and mission.
The Hopewell Network of Churches had its beginning back in the charismatic outpouring. The first church was built on Hopewell Road in Elverson in the mid 1970’s by a small number of families. Within approximately 10 years, the founding congregation had grown to about 900 people, had undergone numerous additions to the original building, and had planted 10 churches.
These daughter churches also began to plant churches and in 2001 the Hopewell Network was launched.  The Hopewell Network currently includes 17 churches in the USA and six International Networks of Churches in the following countries: Haiti, Kenya, India, Thailand, Mexico and Ghana. 
For more information check out the Hopewell Network Website www.hopewellnetwork.org.